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Screw destiny right in the face.

I say we take the fight to them, do it our way.

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Name:Dean Winchester
Birthdate:Jan 5

About Me
NAME: Dean Winchester
AGE: 31 (71 year old soul)
BIRTHDAY: January 24th, 1979
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
RACE: Human
OCCUPATION: Hunter, con artist
FAMILY: John (father), Mary (deceased), Samuel "Sam", Adam Milligan - Half-brother (deceased-ish)
CAR: 1967 Chevy Impala
WORLD: Earth
LOCATION: United States
YEAR: 2010
CANON: Supernatural
CANON-POINT: End of 5.19

Game Information
ARRIVAL DATE: September 5th, 2131 (2011)
WORLD: Aliunde
RESIDENCE: Winchester Homestead
HOUSEMATES: Castiel, Gabriel, Alice Liddell
HOUSE PETS: Vader (Yorkie), Lyla (kitten), Lazarus (Loki Monster), Pandemonium aka Pan (kitten)
OCCUPATION: Deputy, Security at All or Nothing
ITEMS: Chromed Colt 1911 with ivory grips, sawed-off double barrel shotgun, machete, silver knife, rosary, car keys, fake FBI badge

Other Muses
Captain James Tiberius Kirk || Star Trek IX || [personal profile] starfleetscheat

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